Opening doors to homeless and vulnerable people.

Regents House
t: 0800 0525959

Are you a carer or family member of someone with alcohol problems?
Regents House offers support for anyone affected by someone elses drinking.

NHS Choices

Don't live in Nottingham City? Check out NHS Choices to find services near you.
Simply enter your post code into the 'Services Near You' section on the right-hand side.

t: 0800 9178282

Drinkline offers the following services: Information and self-help materials, help to callers worried about their own drinking, support to the family and friends of people who are drinking and advice to callers on where to go for help. Drinkline is a confidential service and no names need be given. Callers to the above number have the option of listening to recorded information about alcohol or talking to an adviser.

Alcoholics Anonymous East Midlands (Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire)

t: 0115 941 7100

Decade of Better Health


Over the next ten years, the Decade of Better Health programme aims to make Nottingham a healthier, happier city. Nottingham is not as healthy as it could be; more people are suffering from ill health, and are dying younger than they should be.

What we need to do to make Nottingham healthier;

Reduce Smoking
Nottingham needs to smoke 5 million fewer cigarettes a week.

Reduce alcohol consumption
Nottingham needs 1,000 fewer hospital visits due to alcohol

Achieve a healthy weight
Nottingham needs to lose 500,000 pounds (lbs) by 2020.

Becoming more active
28.000 people in Nottingham need to exercise more.

Achieve positive mental well being
People need to feel good, be positive and be happy.

To do this, the Decade of Better Health programme is asking YOU to make a pledge towards healthier lifestyle. If we all make small changes to improve our health, then together we can make Nottingham a healthier, happier city.